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it’s the Lolë way
This program is part of Lolë’s commitment to reduce overconsumption by creating versatile, long-lasting garments, and always made with a genuine concern for people, products and positive impact. By building real value into everything we create, Lolë is dedicated to turning 'consumption' into 'investment.'
Our belief in intelligent consumption is embodied in the Lolë Yellow Label Program, which invites donations of gently worn coats and jackets and helps give them a stylish second life. The proceeds of this program benefit local food banks throughout North America, with a similar philosophy of limiting food waste.
How we can encourage
sustainable fashion together

You give us
your jackets
Each fall, bring your pre-loved coat to any Lolë Atelier or Lolë Friends Store, globally.

We give them a
stylish second life
In North America, Lolë cleans and resells your coats in a Pop-Up store at a great price to make sure others can buy and love them.

We give away
all proceeds
Lolë donates all proceeds from the Yellow Label Program to food banks, which maximizes each dollar to offer families with the most support possible, and to help minimize food waste.

participating stores in Canada, Europe and the U.S

pieces of outerwear have been collected, sold or donated
worth of food, which will be redistributed through various food networks

families fed
Thanks to all our participants for sharing the Lolë spirit
and making the world a better place, one coat at a time!
Our partners in mindfulness
To make the Lolë Yellow Label Program as successful as possible, we’ve joined forces with amazing partners around the globe, all of whom share our values of compassion and mindful consumption. To name a few:
Our partnership with the U.S.-based group helped us share the love across America.
This partnership helps to reach our goal of giving a second life to gently worn coats and to offer them to people in need.
This food bank, in our own hometown, has been part of the program since the very beginning in 2012.
Thanks to this program, we are helping this association end food insecurity by serving 335,000 Ontarians each month.
+100 local
Valuable partnerships to offer warmth and comfort to people in need, thanks to the coats that have not been resold.
2018: To build a better world
$ 500000
This year, join
the movement
and help us
reach our goal
of $500,000
in foodstuffs.
Let’s keep working together
to make the world a better place
One coat at a time !